Neighborhood Reports

The past few years equipping community leaders with data access has taught us the importance of parcel-level information, streamlined access to key information, and the need to make it easy to use and actionable.

Neighborhood Reports first originated in static printable pdf versions of key neighborhood profile information in 2018. View historic neighborhood reports here. Today, with the help of Loveland Technologies, these same answers are in a more dynamic and usable format so community leaders can spend their time solving the problems facing their communities, armed with up-to-date and specific information.

The aspects of the neighborhood reports are broken down into 3 sections.

View the neighborhood reports to get started. Reference the onboarding guide for more context and details on how to access and use these reports.

– Ownership Location
– Ownership Type
– Shelby County Land Bank Owned
Property Condition
– Code Enforcement Requests
– Top 10 Code Violators
– Vacant Lots
– Bluff City Snapshot
Market Trends and Land Use
– Land Use
– Recent Property Sales Transactions
– Appraised Value
– Recent Building and Demolition Permits

If these pre-made maps are not providing the detail and features you need to serve your community, contact us at and we’ll provide advanced access and training on a rolling basis.