About Our Work
We develop initiatives, nurture partnerships and innovate solutions to move Memphis forward and deliver impactful, sustained change. We work with diverse stakeholders to collaborate across public, private, and non-profit sectors to understand the root causes of long-standing challenges and generate solutions from ideation to scale, deliver, and sustain.
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Our program areas are tailored to tackle the persistent challenges Memphis encounters, offering ambitious and effective solutions.

Civic Data Access

Public services and outcomes cannot improve without access to quality civic data. At Innovate Memphis, we believe data should be democratized for everyone – public and nonprofit service providers.

Digital Equity

The need to close the digital divide has never been more pressing in Memphis. As services and resources move increasingly online, we are working closely with public, private and nonprofit partners to deliver affordable broadband services.

Food Security

Seeded by our No Kid Hungry Fellowship, Innovate Memphis seeks to improve access and coordination between service providers, food donors, and referral services so that families can keep food on the table during times of crisis.

Housing and Neighborhood Conditions

Just as blight elimination leads to revitalized neighborhoods citywide, blighted properties are associated with many community challenges related to declining economic and housing markets, crime, poverty, and poor public health.

Parks and Open Spaces

Public parks play a critical role in cultivating a livable city infrastructure. Well-maintained and used public parks improve the environment, community health, and quality of life, as well as catalyze economic development.

Transportation and Mobility

Transportation and mobility are essential to addressing the physical and economic well-being of residents. We work to improve the way Memphis and Shelby County develop, fund, and manage community transportation systems.

Our Work

Explore our portfolio of real-life success stories where Innovate Memphis has implemented creative solutions, empowered communities, and achieved tangible, sustainable results.


901 Ride Choice Case Study

When limited transportation access is a barrier to proper healthcare, especially for seniors and those with disabilities, it leads to the escalation of health conditions that later require emergency medical intervention.

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MEMFix Case Study

How fusing neighborhood revitalization with economic development inspired Broad Avenue Arts District, Crosstown, the Edge District, and the Pinch District to reimagine urban landscapes.

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Civic Commons

How Innovate Memphis collaborated with community stakeholders to revitalize parks and public spaces in Memphis, promoting unity, civic engagement, sustainability, and investment.

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