About Our Work
We develop initiatives, nurture partnerships and innovate solutions to move Memphis forward and deliver impactful, sustained change. We work with diverse stakeholders to collaborate across public, private, and non-profit sectors to understand the root causes of long-standing challenges and generate solutions from ideation to scale, deliver, and sustain.
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What We Do

We are subject matter experts, policy specialists, systems thinkers, design thinking professionals, facilitators, program managers, leaders, with the skills to apply to numerous fields and a deep understanding of a range of priority areas.

How We Do It

Our team’s talent, skills, and expertise empower us to build relationships, generate and test ideas and manage projects from ideation to scale, deliver, and sustain.

Why We Do It

Through collaboration and engagement with government and other civic partners, across sectors and communities, our vision is to build a more equitable, innovative, competitive, and sustainable city.

What Makes Us Unique

We are positioned to maximize lasting impact. We connect the dots between public and private sectors, create tactical strategies and collaborative opportunities, and seek ways to improve communities and neighborhoods throughout the city.

current program areas

Transportation and Mobility

Parks and Open Spaces

Community Investment

Emergency Medical Services

Neighborhood Condition

Previous Priorities

Our Work
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