The Memphis Data ecosystem is growing and evolving.

Memphis Property Hub

Access comprehensive Memphis property data in one place with an easy-to-use data visualization platform for parcel-specific data.


Access non-profit profile and program data and generate maps on public data for health, educational attainment, safety, housing security, employment, and more.

Memphis Data Hub

City Open Data Hub. Explore the open data portal for the City of Memphis with improved access and visualization tools.

CAESER GeoPortal

Detailed geospatial data. Explore detailed data sets related to climate, environment, infrastructure and more.

Memphis Property Hub

The Memphis Property Hub was developed in partnership with the Blight Elimination Steering Team. This data provides details on property ownership, tax delinquency, vacancy, zoning, code enforcement, and more to empower community, non-profit, and government groups to use data to take action. The data visualization tool allows users to analyze and present information without the use of computer programming techniques to sort through large quantities of data.

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