Case Study: Connecting Memphians to more opportunity through the Transit Vision 3.0 plan

Case Studies

This case study is part of Innovate Memphis’ 4-part series on successful innovation projects over the years. Previous reports cover 901 Ride Choice wellness transportation, MEMFix economic revitalization, and Civic Commons programming for parks and other public spaces.

This example shows how we worked with a coalition of government agencies, business leaders, nonprofits and community members on the Transit Vision 3.0 plan – a recommended Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) bus service plan to improve job access and economic development in the Memphis area. Our approach included strong partnerships with national and local transit experts, collaboration with MATA and other local public agencies, and a variety of ongoing community engagement efforts to assess constituents’ top priorities and willingness to invest in better public transit service.

Read more about how Innovate Memphis and over 1,000 community members and partners developed a blueprint for more frequent, reliable public transportation with Transit Vision here.

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