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Innovate Memphis is a non-profit focused on delivering civic solutions.

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Our Story: Who We Are


Memphis was one of the first five Pioneer Cities to implement the Bloomberg Philanthropies innovation team model. In 2011, we formed the Mayor’s Innovation Delivery team to support local government to innovate solutions in the Mayor’s select priority areas. The model is now active in more than 30 cities around the globe, but we’re the only team that’s outside City Hall. As a separate nonprofit entity, we have the ability to further social innovation, take risks and take action to move forward on the larger goals of the community, outside of the bureaucracy of government. We still work closely with government as partners to support change city-wide, but we have also expanded our work to a range of numerous priority areas where we work across sectors with change agents and organizations striving to address a variety of challenges to improve our communities.

Our Services: What We Do


We connect the dots between public and private sectors, create tactical strategies and collaborative opportunities, and seek ways to improve communities and neighborhoods throughout the city. Our goal is to create the best results for the people we’re serving and to create a vision for dynamic change in Memphis.

Leading and Seeding Change

We develop and deliver initiatives. We also build capacity to empower others to ignite change to move Memphis forward. We are leading and seeding change. We lead change through the initiation, development, and implementation of innovative programs. We seed and catalyze change by supporting partners to engage in change.  Through our collaborative support, partners and initiatives are made successful.

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