Smart City Initiative Seeks to Improve Public Problems

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Smart City initiative seeks to improve public problems with technology

March 21, 2019 | High Ground News

Making Memphis a smart city is a top priority for the City of Memphis, and through its information services team and Innovate Memphis, the city has been seeking civic-minded and smart city technology-based startups to develop creative solutions for problems facing Memphis in transportation, crime and public safety space.

Efforts such as The Smart City Hackathons and The Sky High Civic Technology Accelerator fit into the city’s Smart Memphis effort which seeks to tap into the community, empowering Memphians’ native knowledge to create solutions that solve public problems and find new ways of to capture and share public data.

The Smart City: Transportation & Mobility Hackathon was the latest event presented by Start Co., Innovate Memphis and the City of Memphis to solicit solutions for problems that affect pedestrian safety and commuting. Over the course of the weekend, participants had 48 hours to develop their solutions to common mobility problems. Innovative solutions utilized gamification, augmented reality and interactivity. Teams included developers, designers, project managers and domain experts.

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