Memphis Metropolis Highlights State of Housing Report

Community Investment

Recently, our Research Fellow, Austin Harrison, joined Emily Trenholm on her new podcast – Memphis Metropolis to talk housing challenges in Memphis and the 2020 State of Memphis Housing report. He was joined by Deputy Director of City of Memphis’ Division of Housing & Community Development, Mairi Albertson, as well as, Dr. Charlie Santo, Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning at the University of Memphis.

A link to the podcast is below or can be found anywhere else you get your podcasts. A brief description is also below.

In this episode, Mairi Albertson and Austin Harrison reflect on the impact of COVID on housing stability, how supply is falling in different segments of the affordable housing market, and how local government and nonprofits are and could be responding.

In the second half of the program, commentator Charlie Santo returns to talk about the history of government-sponsored affordable housing – both public housing and housing vouchers – and how recent federal government programs focusing on neighborhood revitalization have reduced the overall supply of public housing units. Charlie and Emily also tee up some future Memphis Metropolis topics, such as community land trusts, the current multifamily construction boom in Midtown and downtown, and various kinds of rent-to-own programs that often promise much more than they deliver to participants.

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