Memphis 3.0 looks to citizens’ input on shaping city’s transit system


Memphis 3.0 looks to citizens’ input on shaping city’s transit system

January 17, 2018. High Ground News

“There’s a lot of discussion about how the system used to be, and we try to tell the public that the city was smaller at that time too. The transit vision gives us an opportunity to determine what we value when it comes to transit, the type of system we want to have in the future, and it gives a clear look at the limited funds our transit system is operating with. So, if we want something different for transit, we have to do something differently.”

In September of 2017, they asked the public about their goals and priorities for improvements to transit in Memphis. In November of 2017, a conceptual alternatives report was released by Memphis 3.0 and Innovate Memphis, in partnership with MATA and the Memphis MPO. The report assessed the existing transit network and included recommendations for changes, with consideration to the cost and financing option for improvements.

The results showed respondents’ most important concern was helping low-income residents access jobs and services by providing basic public transit to everyone, in every neighborhood. Another priority was higher frequency of service on weekdays.

“People want to be connected to jobs, major employment centers,” Cash said. “That’s the primary need that we’ve been hearing related to access to transit.”

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