Innovate Memphis joins National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership


Innovate Memphis is proud to announce our acceptance into The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP).  NNIP is a learning network, coordinated by the Urban Institute and made up of partner organizations in more than 30 cities. These organizations share a mission to ensure all communities have access to data and the skills to use information in advancing equity and the welfare of residents.

Our partnership with NNIP will help us improve our data sharing and data analysis capabilities. We have already benefited from the connection: using partner methodologies to do a COVID-19 vulnerability index for Memphis and partnering with another NNIP city to build a new data repository.

We will continue to offer Memphis Property Hub data and GIS analysis to our educational, non-profit and government partners. Currently, that’s offered through LandGrid, but we continue to explore ways for the data visualization to evolve to better serve your organizations.

We will also continue to host the quarterly Civic Data Forum. The latter may be another place NNIP can support Memphis: as organizations here are trying new things, NNIP partners could provide their guidance on what worked, and didn’t, in their cities. In continuing this forum and expand participation to advocate for empowerment through understanding data.

In the very near future, Innovate Memphis will share the new data repository, with a space to submit questions to our Help Desk. In the meantime, if you have questions about different datasets and indicators for housing and neighborhoods, please reach out to our Community Data Lead, Altonio Smith (

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