Equity at Work: Beloved Community


High Ground News | February 13, 2020

Article Link: Memphis nonprofits ask, “Are we inclusive? Are we equitable?”

“What does it mean for an employer to have an inclusive culture and equitable practices? And how does an organization truly reflect the values and identities of the communities it serves?

Late last summer, a group of local nonprofits began to take a hard look at themselves and ask these questions and others.

Do their employees feel a sense of belonging at work? Are their community programs authentic? Are their staff and community practices free of bias?

The group includes Momentum, BLDG Memphis, Center for Transforming Communities, Innovate Memphis, The Orpheum Theater and Orpheum Theater Group, ArtsMemphis, Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, ALLMemphis.

The issues they’re exploring are often multi-layered, emotionally-charged, and seen as ancillary to the real work of a nonprofit. A significant number of nonprofits are also understaffed. It’s easier, at least in the short term, for an organization to side-step this work and focus on tasks that are less thorny and more clearly mission-aligned.”

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