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June 8, 2019 | High Ground News

Article: Medical District steps up to Commute Challenge and shared mobility

May marks the third annual Commute Challenge by Commute Options, an Innovate Memphis transportation demand management program. This annual month-long initiative aims to encourage Memphians across the metro area to ditch ride-alone commutes in favor of biking, walking, or shared transportation.

Throughout the month, individuals and companies can log the miles they travel by bike, foot or shared transportation.

In 2018, 231 participants logged more than 1,100 bike commutes, 1,300 carpools, 300 mass transit rides and 700 walking trips in one month.

Sylvia Crum, Innovate Memphis’ Commute Options Program Manager, recognizes Memphis is a car-dependent city and alternative commuting won’t replace solo commutes overnight. They hope the challenge simply exposes people to the many modes of shared mobility and begins to change behaviors.

“It’s just a chance for folks to try it [and ask], ‘Could I leave my car behind and try a different mode to get to work?,’” said Crum. “We want to be able to celebrate that there are lots of commute options in Memphis and people are out there giving them a try.”

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