Brooking Metro Report: A roadmap to developing inclusive regional economic indicators

Civic Data and Innovation

Brookings Institution | Alan Berube and Nicole Bateman | October 14, 2021

Article Link: Brookings Metro Report: Inclusive Economic Indicators

Brookings Metro ran an Inclusive Economic Indicators Lab to help three regions—Indianapolis, Memphis, and Orlando—develop compelling and influential indicators projects that use metrics to drive more inclusive local economic outcomes.

Innovate Memphis, in partnership with BLDG Memphis and the Memphis Chamber, participated in this lab to identify the local metrics. The report outlines the findings and a roadmap for other regions interested in developing an inclusive indicators project. It offers three phases: setting the conditions for success; creating the indicators project, and putting the indicators to work.

In November 2021, Brookings Metro hosted a three-part webinar series on how to design and deliver a high-impact inclusive economic indicators project. This webinar series conveyed information from the roadmap and brought in real-world experiences to empower local leaders to begin similar efforts in their communities. Webinar recordings here, including updates from Memphis’ learnings: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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