About Us

Innovate Memphis is a non-profit focused on delivering civic solutions.

Who We Are

We are a team of systems thinkers, design-thinking professionals, facilitators, program managers, and leaders when it comes to civic innovation methodology. With a deep understanding of our priority areas and a large network of local and national subject matter experts, we develop and deliver impactful initiatives, cultivating the capacity for others to sow the seeds of change and drive Memphis forward.

While we collaborate closely with government agencies, we are not one ourselves.

Innovate Memphis is an independent nonprofit organization that partners with government, nonprofit, and philanthropic partners to solve civic problems. As a separate entity, we have the freedom to drive social innovation, take healthy risks, and act swiftly to advance the larger goals of our community beyond bureaucratic constraints. We transcend traditional consulting services by delivering hands-on implementation support to test and sustain evidence-based solutions. As a solutions incubator, we support a portfolio of civic sectors that change over time rather than a fixed type of service or advocacy platform.

What We Do

We deliver civic solutions to pressing challenges Memphians face.

How We Do It

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