Transportation and Mobility

Innovate Memphis is working to improve transportation and mobility for all Memphians. Our options must include a viable public transit system that connects people to jobs, health care, public assets and each other.

Memphis deserves great transit. Our ability to improve public transit will determine how well the city and county fully achieve ambitious goals for the future – whether in economic development, poverty reduction, talent retention and attraction, sustainability, or growth. It is difficult to identify another investment that can have such far-reaching impact and contribute to a vibrant civic commons that welcomes commuters, families with children, affluent professionals, high school and college students, the working poor, and everyone in between.

How can transit work better for YOU?  We’re partnering with Memphis 3.0 in developing a new Transit Vision for Memphis. Read the Draft Recommended Network Report. Public input has guided new designs and inform the future of our transit network. Learn more at

More ways to get involved:

If you are interested in learning more about transportation choices and resources to help you use them, visit If you are an employer interested in how Commute Options can help your employees, contact the Commute Options team here.

The foundation for this report is the clear understanding that funding public transit is an imperative for a successful, livable Memphis.  If you agree, please read our white paper below to learn more:

Transit funding white paper

Also, you can help support transit today by:

  • Riding transit. Use the TransLoc Rider app to help plan your route and get you on your way. Innovate Memphis has resources to help you ditch driving alone, even for one day.
  • Reaching out to your local and state representatives and letting them know that transit funding is important to you. Encourage your Memphis City Council members to support Transit Vision and expand transit service with new, dedicated funding.  To learn who your representatives are, click here.

Innovate Memphis continues to raise the bar for transportation choices in Memphis. Its transportation and mobility focus grew out of the identified need to address entrenched problems that inhibit our city’s sustainability and the physical and economic well-being of its residents. We work to improve the way Memphis and Shelby County develop, fund and manage community transportation systems. Innovate Memphis supports local and regional partners working on multi-modal transportation choices and goals set out in the Midsouth Regional Greenprint. The work for Innovate Memphis is led by Suzanne Carlson, Transportation and Mobility Project Manager.