Customer Service

At the start of 2014, the Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team, now Innovate Memphis, partnered with City Division Directors and took on the Mayor’s challenge of building excellence in customer service. The goal of each initiative is to promote engagement with citizens, develop better delivery of services, and close the gap between citizen expectations and service delivery. Directors and Deputies from every Division of City government collaborated and gave valuable direction to our goals.

The current initiatives underway include:

•             Public Works

•             Park Reservations

Streamlining Public Works Services:

Setting clear public expectations for the services provided by Public Works is key to maintaining customer satisfaction.  To establish these expectations, Public Works’ Curbside Trash, Potholes, Code and Grounds departments have set service level agreements (SLAs) that will be communicated to the public via the 311 system and a series of channels outlined in Public Works’ communication plan.  The division has also developed and is currently implementing initiatives that will ensure that each department is able to meet, measure and effectively communicate its SLAs.  The SLA program will begin being piloted by early 2015.

Online Park Reservations:

Access to parks is a critical City service since vibrant parks are the cornerstones of healthy urban neighborhoods. Currently, Innovate Memphis is working side-by-side with the Division of Parks and Neighborhoods in the development of an online Parks Pavilion Reservation System. This new electronic services will provide Memphians with the choice of electronically reserving a Parks pavilion and obtain a Special Events permit (which may be required) in one seamless transaction.

In addition, this technological platform is designed with adaptability in mind for any number of other reservation processes at the Division of Parks and Neighborhoods from athletic events to community engagement.  The launch of the Parks Pavilion Reservation System in the Spring of 2015 will be the first in a long line of conveniences planned by the Division of Parks and Neighborhoods.